Here are the highlights of our events:

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Intimate Night with Conjunto (July 2018)

Conjunto, presented the diversity that we are characterized by dance, culture and music.

This production was one of the series of celebrations of our 20th anniversary, sharing Panama with  the tri-state community.

The production was directed by Alberto Gonzalez Tang with the assistance of his staff.



Summary of Conjunto Productions

2013  Intimate Night with Conjunto

          Event prepared for a circle of friends of Conjunto

          at Kumbe Theater on Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn

2009  Panamanian Folkloric Conference  / Encuentro Folklórico

Conjunto hosted a group of 10 Panamanian Folkloric dance companies from the USA

          August 13-16

           * Sheraton Hotel La Guardia

           * York College Performing Art Center

           * Brooklyn Historical Society

2008   Bunde & Bullerengue: Afro Latino Celebrations from Panama to Brooklyn

           August 16 - Lecture and Presentation, Brooklyn Public Library- Grand Army Plaza.     December 14 - Bunde in Brooklyn  - Holy Cross Church, auditorium

2007   Portraits of My Panama: A Journey of Music & Dance

Long Island University Performing Arts  Kumble Theater

2006   Wedding Vows from the Heart of the Universe

Wedding Traditions from Central Panama

Sponsored by Brooklyn Arts Council Grants program and Conjunto Nuevo Milenio

 Brooklyn Public Library - Grand Army Plaza