Conjunto Nuevo Milenio
Panamanian Folkloric Dance Company
— Founder/Director Alberto Gonzalez Tang


Conjunto Folklórico Nuevo Milenio is a Panamanian folkloric dance ensemble that performs choreographed versions of the nation’s traditional dances, thus portraying various aspects of Panamanian life.  Panama’s people, custom, and influences reach beyond its borders; Panama’s history is a global history.

Panamanians have been an established community in the United States, and we continue to grow.  As an organization, CNM strives to reach out to other communities and expose them to the beauty of our heritage.

CNM Beginnings

The first choreographed work was at the Panamanian Consulate to commemorate Panamanian involvement in the NY Yankees 1998 World Series in, the group proudly displayed the beauty of Panamanian folkloric dance. 

As the result of the increased need to publicly recognize Panamanian folkloric visual expressions, the company was founded in 1998, and  has continued to perform  with the desires to contribute to the overall celebration of Panamanian nationalism and pride on the public stage throughout New York and the United States.

Conjunto Nuevo Milenio participates in community activities such as parades, Panamanian Black Heritage Day in Brooklyn,  Panamanian Conferences "Encuentros Folkloricos"  and Afro Latino Festivals. In addition, CNM conducts folk craft workshops and dance classes in the communicty.